Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Little Black Dress:

learn how to use it:

Your Little Black Dress for Any Occasion:

Pick the Perfect Jewelry Accessories, Handbag and Shoes to Match the Event Style and Tone. The most appealing thing about the little black dress is a woman can utilize it to look great at any event. Whether the event is formal or casual, a timeless little black dress can easily be adapted to fit the occasion by using the perfect accessories.

Simple Jewelry for Casual Events:

. The truth is, black is likely the most slimming color available in fashion. However, many people have no idea how to take an elegant black dress and turn it into an outfit appropriate for a regular party or casual event. Learning to accessorize according to your special event is key to transforming a black dress into an all-around outfit for any celebration. To make your dress look more casual, be sure to stick with simple accessory options. Choosing something trendy like silver charm bracelets, a beaded plastic necklace or a trendy pendant is wise if you’re trying to obtain a casual and unique style.

Timeless and Elegant:

One mistake many women make is assuming you must shop Chanel in order to dress up an outfit with accessories. The truth is, you can make an outfit look like a million dollars even if you can only afford earrings from Claire’s bargain costume accessory outlet. It’s not essential for a lady to spend thousands on diamond jewelry from the hottest fashion designer in the industry to have good style. Instead, If you want to look graceful and classic for an evening event, consider grabbing your favorite set of pearls. Pair them with fancy gloves to really bring your little black dress to a more elegant level of style.

High Heels For a Classic Sexy Look:

Shoes are the ultimate accessory! Picking the right shoe can make or break your outfit. The good news is almost any shoe on Earth will go with the perfect little black dress. Of course, if you want to glam up your dress, a sexy pair of high heels is the best option. Be daring by choosing heels in a bold color like red, silver or yellow. For a more casual event, think about pairing your little black dress with a nice pair of slide shoes, sandals or other low-heel options.
Perfect Handbags for Every PartyWhile your purse is likely the last thing you’ll choose after dressing yourself, consider putting some thought into it. When you utilize an elegant purse clutch, your little black dress will instantly go from drab to fab. For a casual occasion, consider tagging along a purse with color and texture. A simple denim bag can help a black dress become casual in a matter of seconds!

I'm sure this will help you all with the dozen of black dresses setting in your closet :-)


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